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Lea K Tawd, Visual Artist

Art + Reiki Grief Retreat

Art + Reiki Grief Retreat

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Retreat with me for a day of Reiki energy healing and art-making to find some healing, community and relief in your grief.  This will be a small group with no more than 12 in attendance.

All are welcome; no grief is too big or too small (and no comparison is necessary).  

No art experience necessary. 

image of smiling white woman with dark, wavy hair.  behind her is an easel with a colorful painting on it.

I am Lea K. Tawd, an artist and a Reiki (RAY-key) energy healer and teacher. I experienced the loss of my husband 2 years ago so I am profoundly connected with grief and much that it encompasses. I am at a point in my own healing in that I am looking forward to my new life and I am called to work with others to help with your grief as well.

I believe that being in community alone is a profound part of healing, as are art and energy healing. There is no “solving” grief but I believe that we can experience it in such a way as to have forward movement in our lives rather than being forever stuck. It is my hope that the hours we spend together on this retreat will help you to find some forward movement in your grief, as well as connection and community even if only for the day (but hopefully beyond). 


When: Monday, December 11th from 10-3:30

Where: Blackthorn Mercantile, 3954 N. Williams

Wear: comfortable clothing that you wouldn't mind getting paint or glue on

Bring: a light lunch and anything else you need to be comfortable. Snacks and all materials will be provided. 

Cost: $60, $150, or $210 depending on your income and ability to pay.  If you are just making ends meet, the cost is $60 to cover supplies and overhead.  $150 is the regular cost that I would charge to include paying myself.  If you are financially secure and then some, and would like to help cover someone else's cost, you may choose the $210 option.  If you are unable to pay at least $60 please email me at to see if we can arrange for you to attend. 

More Details (How the Day will Flow--subject to change)

9:45-10 Arrival

10:00 Meditation & Introductions

10:30 Group Reiki Session & quiet journaling

11:00 Optional Sharing & Movement

11:30 Break for a light lunch

12:30 Art Making

3:00 Reflection & optional sharing

3:30 Closing



Please email me at

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