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Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art Book by Lea K. Tawd

Lea K. Tawd

is an Artist, Author, and Reiki Master/Teacher. She makes heart-centered, spiritual artwork that explores the divine feminine and is infused with Reiki energy healing.

She has been exhibiting her work for over 20 years and has been featured on the online publication Canvas Rebel, and the Art Biz Podcast among many others.

Her work can be seen online or in person by scheduling a visit to her home studio in Portland, Oregon.

My paintings tell stories of the divine feminine.

They are inspired by visions seen during meditation, energy healing, and lunar rituals in which seeds of personal and community growth are planted.

I am interested in painting women as subjects because of the sacred power and beauty I have found in my own femininity. When I began this ongoing body of work I was searching for these things because I did not see myself as beautiful or strong. Over the years my art has been one way of seeing through that darkness to the truth of my own magic as well as a way of illuminating the inner magic of others.

Each painting is infused with healing energy, literally through my own healing practice, as well as visually using harmonious compositions and detailed bits of pointillism to represent the life force energy that flows through us all.

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