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Are you curious about Reiki? Have you heard of it, or maybe even had a session or two, but don’t really understand what it is (or how to pronounce it)? 

Before I learned Reiki, I heard the word (RAY-key) several times over the years.  It intrigued me, but I didn’t know why.  I didn’t even know what it was.  Then one day I serendipitously got to experience it for myself.  From that moment on, my life was changed for the better. 

I was finally able to take my healing into my own hands, accept and grow my intuitive gifts, and make a real and lasting difference in the lives of others. 

Which is why I want to pay it forward and offer this gift to you.  During this event you will learn a little bit about Reiki—what it is, how it works and where it comes from—and experience it for yourself.  You will also have the option to connect with others who are interested in Reiki if you choose.  All for FREE!

Are you ready? 

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"I had the most amazing Level 1 workshop from Lea.  It was magical! I feel like it opened up a whole new path for me." -Mari

"I began having reiki sessions this year with Lea as a means of self care during these stressful times. Recently, I contracted a very serious and painful case of Bell’s Palsey (partial facial paralysis).  I decided to do sessions with Lea to help spur my recovery, in addition to rest and medication. After 2 sessions a week I am on track to be almost fully recovered in about 8 weeks! (Well under the 3-4 months expected).  Reiki has made the difference for me. Nothing beats the way I feel the day after a session with her. It WORKS.  She is awesome and I highly recommend her services for general health and specific physical challenges." -Ronnie

"Lea's warm, gentle, and inviting spirit guides me through a quiet space.  Our sessions have a lasting effect, and leave strong impressions of self reflection and relief from physical pain as well.  I can't recommend her enough." -Katie


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Who am I?

My name is Lea K. Tawd and I am a Holy Fire III®/Karuna® Reiki Master, Artist and author.  I love to combine art and Reiki: all of my art is infused with Reiki healing energy, and I use Reiki and art-making to help creatives get unblocked.  I have been studying and practicing Reiki since 2018, and teaching almost as long.  Reiki has been massively transformational in my life and I want nothing more than to help bring it to as many people as possible!  

I live and work in Portland, OR with my husband and my youngest, and I also have a fully grown up kid.  I am all about the woo, but I don't believe in conspiracy theories and I love science.  

Now are you ready?  :)

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When life feels overwhelming, reiki can help

I am a Karuna™/Holy Fire™ III Reiki Master/Teacher.

I have been studying, practicing and teaching Reiki since 2017 and use it in my art-making and workshops as well as healing sessions. Reiki (RAY-key) is a form of energy healing that promotes stress relief, relaxation and overall well-being. It has made a profound difference in my own life as well as many of my clients and students.

Schedule a distance session

reiki works at a distance

When done in person, a Reiki practitioner will gently place their hands on you and send you healing energy. Incredibly, Reiki also works from anywhere in the world. At this time I am offering distance sessions via zoom. All you need is a quiet place to lay comfortably for about an hour--a bed, couch, or recliner is perfect--with a place to set your phone or laptop for our zoom session. You do not even need to be on screen!

Sessions and workshops

Besides distance sessions, I am available for group session and often offer Art & Reiki workshops as well as teach Reiki classes.

Be sure to sign up for my email list (at the bottom of the page) to keep up with my offerings.

For questions or to book a group Reiki session for your next gathering, contact me at LeaK@LeaKArts.com

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