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Lea K Tawd, Visual Artist

Custom Portrait

Custom Portrait

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Do you want to see yourself in one of my paintings?  Does my art call to you or to someone you love?  A custom portrait may be perfect for you.  

When I create a portrait for you, I will need several photographs so that I can get a good feeling for how you look.  Some things to note:

*All portraits are 10 x 10"  (or 9 x 12" if a rectangular composition is required) and include 1 person or pet.  Please contact me if you need a different size.  More figures can be added by using the drop down menu to choose how many.

*When I paint people, I paint them with their eyes closed.  This gives them a sense of inner peace, thoughtfulness, and connection with each other if there is more than one figure in the painting.

*I do not work in realism.  My intent is to capture the essence of you rather than an exact photographic image.  If you are looking for realism, I am happy to refer you to the right artist for you.

*I retain copyright to all images.  Social media sharing is encouraged as long as you tag me @LeaKTawdArtist  If you would like to reproduce the image on t-shirts, cards or anything else, I will require a licensing contract and additional payment.  

*Because of the time and cost of materials that portraits require, the payment is non-refundable.  If there is an issue with your portrait, please contact me directly so that we can find a solution.

*From the time I receive your photos to the time I finish the painting is approximately 4 weeks, but can vary depending on how busy I am.  If you need it by a certain date, please contact me before ordering to see if it will fit into my schedule.  

What to expect after you place your order:

1. I will contact you via email (make sure the email on your order is correct and that you check it regularly!) within 24 hours to ask for photos and any other input I may need for your painting. 

2.  I will email progress photos as I work, when I get to "points of no return" so that I can get your input as I work. 

3. When the final image is approved, I will prepare your painting for hanging, and finish it with a signature and layers of protective varnish.  

4. I will package it securely and send it your way! 

Have a different idea for a commission ?  Contact me at so we can talk about it.

I also have portraits with wings!  Please order them here:

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