Wow! 3-D Art Show!

artwork portraying a young girl in an oversized yellow rain jacket
"Weathering the Storm," c. 2020 by Lea K. Tawd

Get out of the house right from your couch (because that's what we're doing these days, right?) and check out this amazing show, The Flash Card Project, curated by Wewer Keohane.  Wewer was cleaning out her studio and came across a pile of flash cards that had once been used for education.  She sent them to around 50 artists to use as prompts to get our creativity flowing and to speak about what this time in quarantine has been like.  

For my card, when I saw the rain slicker I immediately thought about a child within, too small for her jacket.  During this time sheltering at home, the world seems to be burning all around us.  It often feels overwhelming, too big for any one person to process alone.  But every forest fire is the beginning of a new forest.  Old layers are burned away to reveal the new.  I believe this is a time for intense growth, both personally and for the world as we are born anew.

View the show in 3-D here. 

Place your bid(s) on the art in the show here.


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