Who Can Benefit from Learning Reiki?

Painting by Lea K. Tawd depicting 3 mountaintops--the one in the middle has a woman's face at the top.  Behind her is a crescent moon and two dark hands barely visible in the night sky, with white dots surrounding them.  Below is text reading, "Reiki Workshops."

I want to take a break this week from talking about art to talk about my second passion--Reiki.  Reiki is a form of energy that promotes relaxation and healing.  You may know that I am not only an artist but a Reiki Master and I use both in my art creation, teaching, and healing of others and myself.  

Who can learn Reiki?  (Pronounced Ray-key).

Truly, anyone can.  It doesn't matter your age, background, religious beliefs, spirituality, gender, or anything like that.  Once you go through a special process called an attunement (given in a class by a Reiki Master), you can use Reiki no matter who you are and you can use it for the rest of your life even if you let your practice falter.  I am teaching two Reiki classes this month so I wanted to talk for a moment about who can benefit the most and how.  

First, the obvious--those of you who already practice any other form of healing.  Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, therapists, energy workers... You get the idea.  Reiki works really well in conjunction with other forms of healing and all kinds of healers find that it supports and enhances their ability to help others. This includes veterinarians and pet owners! Animals can also really benefit from Reiki. 

Reiki is fantastic for families, and both adults and children* can be attuned.  Personally I use Reiki all of the time as a parent of preschooler and a teenager. When I find myself really stressed and reacting badly I use it on myself to come back to center and to be a more compassionate and less reactive.  My preschooler also loves Reiki and I use it almost daily on all of her bumps and bruises. 

Artists and creatives can really benefit in their creative practice.  I call on Reiki before I begin a painting and use it during my practice to tap into flow more quickly and draw more deeply from my creative well.  My work is already spiritual and Reiki helps me connect even more closely with that aspect of myself.  It can also really help with creative blocks--something I can help you with whether or not you decide to take one of my classes. 

Reiki is wonderful for personal growth and emotional healing.  I use it on myself daily and have experienced profound transformation as a result.  

One of my favorite things about Reiki is how creative it is!  You can really use it in all sorts of ways throughout your day, as well as in a more formal healing session.  While I acknowledge that it may not be for everyone, I truly believe that Reiki can be an immensely positive force in your life no matter who you are.  

If you are interested in learning more, booking a healing session with me, or taking one of my Reiki classes, just send an email to LeaK@LeaKArts.com.  I can't wait to hear from you! 

*My current classes are for adults but let me know if you are interested in a children's class.

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