What Lays in the Depths

A painting of a woman with wild black hair and her eyes closed. There is a green sleeping snake draped over her shoulders. Behind her is a full, golden moon on a dark blue background.

"What Lays in the Depths," 36 x 24" mixed media on wood panel by Lea K. Tawd. 2021.

I wonder if you can see any of the darkness that inspired this painting?  Or has it all been transmuted into light?  

What Lays in the Depths was inspired by a Reiki healing meditation that I gave to myself.  (I am a Reiki Master and give myself Reiki every day, as well as use it to help create my art).  It was more a feeling that came through, however, than an actual image from the vision that I had while meditating.  

In my meditation, I was standing under a waterfall.  I turned around, and behind the waterfall was a dark cave leading into a mountain.  I went in.  Although it was pitch black, some sparkling lights from the waterfall followed me in.  They didn't really light the way, but they made me feel safe and protected.  

The cave led to a deep, dark river that flowed beneath the center of the mountain.  The water was even darker than the cave, and I knew there were living things inside of it.  I felt a little anxious, but I knew the lights were still with me and would follow me into the depths.  I dove in. 

The water carried me through the belly of the mountain.  I could breath in this water.  Prehistoric creatures with too many teeth swam past me.  They stared at me, but kept going.  I always felt safe with the lights at my side.

The painting came through when I was done with my healing session, but it didn't come easily.  The woman and the snake showed up first, but I had a clear idea in mind of how I wanted to paint her gown, and it wasn't working out.  I had wanted to illustrate scenes from my vision across her gown.  I drew them out several times, only to erase them.  They looked and felt too forced.  

Finally I let go.  I collaged some textured papers on there, and began working abstractly with magenta, naples yellow, white and gold.  I had planned on illustrating the darkness and instead the brilliant light showed through.  

I am extremely happy with how it turned out, and have been adding more abstract elements to the paintings I have created since.  I love the juxtaposition of the illustrative and the abstract.  

If you are interested in making this piece yours, click on the image above or reach out to me. LeaK@LeaKArts.com

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