"Transmission," 2019. 16x20" $640

This golden goddess came to me as a clear vision during one of my meditations.  In my vision, the silver energy was coming down from above and the gold energy was moving up from her 3rd eye.  Now I see the gold as coming from above as well, but I love the idea of a flow that goes in both directions.  The title is "Transmission." 

One thing that I didn't see in my meditation was the wing growing on one of her arms.  What does it mean?  I wonder if you have your own interpretation.  I like to interpret my paintings in the same way I interpret my dreams. I see the wing as a radical transformation that she is going through.  The fact that it is showing on only one side means, to me, that she is just starting to embrace her transformation.  She is becoming comfortable enough to start to let it show, but not so much that it is fully unveiled.  

In my own life I have been going through that type of transformation.  I have always been interested in introspection and personal growth and my paintings have mirrored that interest.  But by using reiki, I have been doing deeper and deeper healing work and stepping more fully into myself.  I am gaining more confidence than I have ever had and connecting more fully to my spiritual side.  This is scary in a lot of ways as I navigate how to share it with the world. 

Do you have a different interpretation of this painting?  Leave a comment and let me know how it resonates with you. 

 As always, if you are interested in making this painting your own, contact me or click on the photo above for a direct link to purchase it.  

sketch of Transmission

The sketch I made right after my meditation.


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