"Blush," mixed media on wood. 8 x 8" $130

Here in the U.S. Spring starts a quarter of the way into the New Year, but in many other places Spring itself marks the New Year.  This makes so much more sense to me--a time when the light comes out of hiding, flowers bloom, and we plant seeds for harvest later in the year.  It is a time for beginnings regardless of where you live or what traditions you celebrate.  Here are some of the things I'm starting/in the middle of/thinking about today as the Vernal Equinox begins. 

Spring cleaning may seem like a cliche, but it has consumed me these past few weeks!  I have been going through every nook and cranny of my studio and my house and Clearing It Out.  So far I have recycled, donated, given away, sold, and burned a small mountain of stuff, and I am not quite finished yet.  It feels so good to let go of old things that aren't serving me anymore. It opens up space for the new, physically and energetically. 

Being outdoors.  As the light has been changing we have been spending more time in our back yard in the early evening and the days feel so much longer! I don't just mean the light, but it feels like we are actually doing more, experiencing more, each day.  Today I am planning on taking my daughter to the park after school so we can enjoy a bit of nature in celebration of the new season.

A new, improved me. Self care has taken center stage for me the past few months as I've made changes throughout my life.  To continue on my journey and to celebrate the Equinox and my happier self, I am ramping it up by adding a yoga routine, walking outdoors, and signing up for some sessions and classes that will help me along (think, massages and another Reiki attunement!).  

I hope that you are excited about the new season, too!  I'd love to hear about any rituals you have for the day, or anything else that Spring inspires in you. 


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