Remember to Breathe

Beautiful woman painting "Breathe" by Lea K. Tawd

I few days ago, I had a big plan for what I was going to write about for this post.

But right now, nothing sounds right.  With nearly 50 people dead and their mothers wringing the tears out of their own hearts. With another 50 hospitalized. With their families and friends, communities throughout the world crying our days away. Pulled towards the news trying to make sense of it all, finally turning the news off because there is no sense, only anger and sadness.

Forget my plans for what I was going to write.  I just want to share this painting to everyone who needs a reminder to breathe today, including myself.  The world is overwhelming right now.  

I do everything in my power to encourage my children to be themselves in every way. To let them know that I love them inside and out.  I try to keep my fears to myself because I don't want to hinder them.  But I am afraid.  Who knows what dangers they face as they go about their daily lives?  Give your children, your friends, your spouse or partner a hug.  Give yourself a hug.  Don't let the world stifle you.  


Remember to breathe.



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