How to Buy the Perfect Piece of Art

Painting of a stylized woman with dark hair and feathers on a blue background hanging on a white wall above a wooden cabinet

"Flight," mixed media on wood by Lea K. Tawd

So you found an artist that you absolutely love and you MUST have some of their art. Their work inspires you, makes you feel good, and you want to be able to see it in your own space and share it with your guests. But how do you decide what to buy?   Here are a few guidelines to help you get just the right piece to fit your space and your budget as well as make your soul sing every time you see it. 

Let's start with your space.  Do you have a large blank wall to fill, or a little nook? You may want a statement piece or a collection of smaller pieces.  Sometimes it is hard to imagine what the art will actually look like on the wall above your couch, though.  If you are able to take a picture of your space (as well-lit and straight-on as possible), most artists can create a mock-up for you. I can take a photo of your living room, upload it into an app, and insert my painting for you! If you're considering more than one piece, I'm happy to make several mock-ups for you.

Next, let's talk budget.  What you are willing to spend?  Most artists have a wide variety of sizes as well as a selection of prints to help fit many budgets.  But if you have a smaller budget and a large space to fill (and your heart is set on a large-scale artwork or a collection of pieces), a lot of artists can offer you options.  Personally, I am willing to take payments for artwork, because if it speaks to you, I want you to be able to find a way to make it work for you!  I also offer a small discount for purchasing more than 2 originals at once. It is worth reaching out to the artist and asking!  Our work comes from our hearts and most of us are thrilled for it to find the perfect home.

What if you love the artist's work, but you just don't see exactly the right piece?  Many artists are happy to create a commissioned work to get you just what you need.  If you go this route, make sure to work with the artist whose work truly resonates with you!  When I work on commissions, I ask a few questions to make sure I'm the right artist for you. A lot of times people who want to commission me love my work, but they need a specific size or certain colors to fit their space.  Or they have an idea that they want to see in my style.  Commissions are fun and fulfilling for everyone when it is a good fit. 

Whether you decide to commission an artist to create the perfect piece of art for you or you are already in love with some of their finished work, I hope these suggestions help you find just the right artwork for your style, space and budget.



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