Postcards for Palestine

A watercolor image of 3 women and 3 children with the Palestinian flag behind them.  In front of the figures it says "free Palestine" in handwritten script. Painted by artist  Lea K. Tawd c. 2023
© Lea K. Tawd, Free Palestine, watercolor and ink on paper.

As the granddaughter of Jews who had to flee from their homes as children in order to escape the Holocaust, I am horrified at what Israel is doing to the Palestinian people in Gaza in the name of Judaism.  As an artist, creating this image was a small act of protest--the very least I can do.  As a human, I feel the responsibility to do whatever I can to help end this genocide.

One of those things is sending postcards to my representatives (as well as calling and emailing them, and speaking up as much as I can).  I think mail is more effective than anything else because it's so seldom used.  And a colorful, artistic postcard will be seen more easily amongst the other plain, boring mail they receive. 

If you would like to join me, just click on the image above.  I created a postcard template in Canva that you are free to print and use.  You can place your order for however many you'd like right there in Canva and pick them up at your local Fed Ex store, or have them delivered. 

Click here to find your Senators' contact info.

Click here for your Representatives.

And here is how to contact the White House.

You can use google to find a script that you can use--not knowing when you'll see this post, I don't want to add one that isn't currently relevant. 


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