Open Your Heart

painting by Lea K. Tawd of two white women with black hair.  Their bodies are amorphic shapes with a curl at the bottom.  The one on the left is yellow with an orange shadow and the one on the right is a burnt sienna.  The background it teal with a textured pattern on it.  There is a red heart between the two women.

"Love," mixed media painting by Lea K. Tawd. c. 2017.  Sold.


Valentine's Day.  Such a loaded holiday for so many of us.  If you are happily coupled, it can be fun to have an excuse for celebrating each other.  Go for it!

If you are single by circumstance or by choice, or in an unhappy relationship, however, it can feel anywhere from lonely to triggering to watch and listen to everyone around you acting gushy and being doted on.

I love Love but have felt the whole range of loved to triggered.  So I would like to make a call this month to open your heart, love yourself more, and bring some love to your community whether or not you celebrate the holiday.

Here are some ideas:

  • Write a love letter to your current, past, or future self (bonus points--make it into a Valentine!). You could even put it in the mail so you can open it again later
  • Send a letter--yes, real live snail mail--to someone who has influenced your life or inspired you in some way
  • Make some little pieces of art and leave them around your neighborhood for people to find or send them to your friends
  • If you have kids, write some love notes to leave in their backpacks or lunch boxes
  • Slip a note into a love one's pocket for them to find later
  • Throw a party for your closest friends
  • What else makes you feel loved?  Schedule it as often as you can

Do you have any other ideas?  What will you choose do do?  Let me know in the comments. 

Wishing love in your life,


p.s. If you would like to receive some real mail from me, I'm sending some snail mail in March (2024)!  Email me at with your mailing address if you want to get some fun mail instead of just bills :D

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