Magical Print Release

Vibrancy, Limited Edition Print, full moon magic
"Vibrancy," 2018 by Lea K. Tawd

I am so excited to announce the release of my very first limited edition print! For many years I have been offering open edition prints.  But I want to be able to offer you something much more exclusive, yet still more affordable than an original piece.  This first release is of my painting "Vibrancy." The original painting has been sold, but the image is so close to my heart. 

Not so long ago, I started attending Moon Circles hosted by my dear friend and teacher Alisha from  The circles are held near the new and full moons every month, where we gather with many other women to share our successes, struggles, hopes and dreams.  So much magic happens at these circles in the form of connection and personal transformation.  I am forever grateful for them and this painting was very much inspired by their magic.  

I normally paint on wood but recently I have been returning to canvas now and then.  This gorgeous print shows the texture of the canvas so clearly along with the vibrancy of the colors.  Each print is signed, titled, and numbered on the front, 1 through 25.  

Just click on the image above to be one of only 25 people to get to have one and add a little magic to your home <3

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