Into the Dark

"What Lays in the Depths," mixed media on wood panel, 36 x 24" by Lea K. Tawd.

In our society's consciousness, the New Year brings new beginnings.  In reality, the timing is arbitrary and the collective momentum doesn't last long. 

What if, instead of new beginnings, we thought of this time--a time of darkness before the coming light--as a period of rest, inner work, and gestation?  What if we spent this time recovering and dreaming so that when Spring brings new light, we are ready to burst from our little seeds and reach up through the earth toward the sun?

I do like to plan in January, to set goals for the year.  I get caught up in the newness of the year like so many people do.  AND the idea of dreaming and setting intentions, but letting them gestate for a little while instead of pushing straight into action, is very appealing to me.  It feels right.

In January, the light is growing longer, but slowly.  It is still recovering from the darkness of the Solstice.  This seems like a perfect time to do Shadow Work.  Shadow work can sound scary or intimidating but in reality it is the same as inner child work and radical self love.  It is finding all of those little pieces of your self that have been rejected, stuffed down and hidden and letting them be as big as they need to them.  Listening to them and loving them and letting them speak.  Figuring out what they are trying to tell you so that you can learn from them. 

It is only in this work that we can be as full and whole as we can possibly be.  We can let go of self sabotage, lashing out at our loved ones and other toxic behaviors in favor of speaking our needs and letting ourselves be nurtured and cared for.

There are a lot of ways that you can do this work and I encourage you to find what works for you.  Reach out and get support if it feels like too much to do on your own.

What would this look like for you?  For me, lots of quiet time alone.  Journaling, resting, naps and of course art-making.  Screaming into pillows if I need to and quietly but tenderly telling myself "I love you."  This last practice has been so healing to my soul. 

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