"Home," 2013. Mixed media on found wood. SOLD.


I am so incredibly excited to be able to offer a new print to you!  This one is extra special because when I finished the original painting in 2013, it was sold before I even got it off of the easel.  At the time I did not have a professional photographer, and although I tried my hardest, I was not able to get a good photo of it.  So...no print and not even a great record for myself.  

This image, however, is extra special to me.  When I painted it, Todd and Spencer and I were getting settled in to our new life together in our new house.  I was pregnant with Lumen and we were planning a wedding.  It was the beginning of everything we have now.  

This piece was also a major jump in my artistic style.  I was just beginning to use more mixed media and the particular texture patterns that you see behind the figure.  Birds were becoming more prevalent in my visual vocabulary and I was beginning to really hone the spiritual ideas of my work.  This one especially is about not only the physical home, but the spiritual home centered in your heart.

Prints are currently available in my shop--click on any image in this post to check it out.  The listing also includes a video to show you more details.


Home house heart giclee print

A print of "Home" sitting on the apple tree in front of my home studio.
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