When is the Last Time You Took Some Time for YOU?

Art and Reiki Women's Retreat in Oregon
When is the last time you took some time completely for yourself? If you are like me, it doesn't happen very often.  Maybe you have a family and you feel selfish taking time away.  Or you feel so committed to your work that you don't take time off.  Maybe you think you can't afford it.  

We've all heard one saying or another about taking care of yourself first.  And while the sayings might be annoying, they are true.  If you're not taking care of yourself, you might be able to take care of everyone else for awhile but you will end up resenting the hell out of them.  

In my own life I've been working to take care of myself first.  I've incorporated a meditation and a yoga practice into my daily routine.  I've been speaking my needs more, and taking time away when I need it.  I wrote recently about heading to the coast on my own, and over the weekend I sent my family to a party without me for a few hours so I could have some down time at home.  

I want to help you do this for yourself, too!  Which is why I am so excited to be offering an amazing women's retreat this summer.  We will be gathering together to create art for relaxation and reflection, receive gentle yet powerful Reiki treatments, circle up for the moon to state our intentions and release what we need to release in order to grow.  This is going to be such a magical weekend.  

It will be at a sweet little beach house in Depoe Bay, Oregon, just a half block away from the beach.  There is one shared room with only 2 beds left, and one private room.  With a total of only 4 spaces, this will be a very intimate and heart-centering gathering for women only. All meals are included as well as art supplies and some special gifts!  
Are you ready to join us?  Click here to book your spot now!  I can't wait to see you there. 
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