Ask Away

It's a beautiful weekend on a sunny summer day.  There is an art festival in your city and you can't wait to go see some art and talk to artists while you soak up that sunshine.

When you get there, you walk into a booth and fall in love with the art.  You see something that you connect with deeply and you have so many questions about it.  Do you just ask them?  Do you get intimidated or worried that you don't know much about art? Are you afraid of asking a "dumb" question?

Lea K. Tawd artist in her booth at a festival

Sitting in my booth at a festival earlier this year


Don't be!  I can't speak for all artists but the ones I know love to talk about our art.  It's what we are most passionate about! I am always so interested to hear about what people have to say and the questions they have about my work.

The top 3 questions I always get are:                                                                    "Who are the women in your paintings--are they you?" "What ethnicity are they?" and "What is your inspiration?"

I am starting a blog series to answer all of my most frequently asked questions, along with any more you can think of.  Please leave a comment below to let me know how you connect with my work and all of your questions!  I can't wait to answer them in a future post.


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