A Powerful Calling

I have been asked many times how I was drawn to Reiki.  Like many other Reiki practioners will tell you, I believe that it was Reiki that found me.

For several years, I kept hearing this word, “Reiki.” (Pronounced ray-key). I didn’t really know what it was, but it intrigued me and I knew that I wanted to learn it.  Then one October a few years ago, I had an art opening at an open house event at a local wellness center for women.  

As part of the open house, several practitioners were giving complementary 20 minute sessions.  I signed up for a massage...or so I thought. When it was my turn, the woman who would be treating me apologized, “Oh no, this is Reiki, not massage.  Let’s get you signed up for a massage.”

”No, I would love to try Reiki!” I said, and explained how I had been wanting to learn it for a few years without really knowing why.  She laughed.  “That’s how Reiki is,” she said. “It brought you here.”

In the next 20 minutes, my life was transformed.  The session was brief, but the Reiki released some intense grief that I did not even know I had been holding on to.  I cried and let it out.  I felt the energy move through my body.  I felt so much relief. 

I signed up for her next Reiki class, and in the 2 months between that brief session and my first Reiki attunement (the process by which a person learns to channel Reiki energy), I was changed.  My meditations became much deeper and more visual.  I had several visions which later became paintings.  I had dreams of intense healing and during the day I began to get downloads—I just suddenly knew things that I didn’t know before. 

Over the next year I took two more Reiki classes and became a Reiki Master.  I was immediately called to use Reiki while I made art, and to teach Reiki to others. Additionally, I have been able to combine art-making and Reiki to help my creativity coaching clients let go of creative block as and other limiting beliefs and pursue their creative dreams. All of these things have been powerful experiences, deepening my connection to my own art-making, and having the incredible honor of watching my students and clients heal and grow.  

Then came the coronavirus.  Luckily I am able to give Reiki treatments virtually, and of course nothing can stop me from using it while I make art.  As I type this, I am preparing for a 3 day workshop to learn Karina/Holy Fire III Reiki, which means I will be able to teach virtually as well! I’m sure it will also mean more personal healing as well, and another level of healing that I will be able to bring to my students and clients. 

If you would like to book a session, take a class, or have any questions, you can reach out to me at LeaK@LeaKArts.com

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