On the Easel - The Old Becomes the New

beautiful woman painting in progress by Lea K. Tawd
"In Time," 2009/2015 Mixed Media on found wood
I am honored and excited to be invited back to the Siren Nation Fest's annual visual art show.  This year the theme is "Paths to the Pacific Northwest."
My entry is a piece I started in 2009, shortly after I began almost exclusively painting on wood.  Entitled, "In Time," I think it is especially appropriate to go back and rework her--not just for this show, but for myself.  
"In Time," before re-working.
I have always liked this piece, but also felt there was something missing.  I have no problem with shy, but she was too shy, shrinking into the background, maybe even wishing to disappear.  A feeling I have had myself sometimes, and one that I don't wish to dwell on or to feel again.  She needed some oomph, a little push out of her shell.  Still introverted, but powerful and brave.
Her hair was black, and now it is white.  She has aged but is not older.  Her spirit is stronger.  She is ready to come back out into the world.  
Come and meet her on November 5th at the Albina Press.
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